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Easter Holiday in Norway

Easter Holiday is strongly rooted in Norway. Officially it's holiday from Good Thursday until 2. Easter Day. But lots of people take the three days between Palm Sunday and Good Thursday off, to have a vacation for 10 days.

Some chooses to stay at home - in unusual quiet surroundings - and gradually more and more people travel to warm and sunny parts of the World for Easter Holiday - but it's definitely the time for Norwegians to go up to the mountains - and the snow.

Many would wonder about this Norwegian habit of seeking snow and cold weather - after a long, dark and cold wintertime - just when springtime - almost unbelievably - is here once more !

Nobody has described this as humorous as our beloved author, Odd Børretzen, in his "History of the first Norwegian". His theory shortly goes like this ; The first Norwegian was the tribe's fool. At the end of the last glacial epoch, he left his tribe in the south of Europe and stumbled after the retreating ice - ending up in Norway. And - the conclusion is very simple - he's still doing the same thing ! When one, unbelievably, has survived yet another cold, dark and freeze wintertime, and the magic of spring at last occures - then the Norwegians still go up to the mountains - hunting for snow and ice.

You maybe have to experience a Norwegian Easter mountain Holiday to understand why we still go for it - with memories such as ;

- when the cabin had vanished in snow and we searched for nearly one hour to find it
- when several family members broke arms and legs going skiing
- when we never really got the fireplace working - and we were freezing for 10 days
- when we "walked" skiing downhills with several inches of wet snow under our skies
- when we walked for hours to get to the cabin - to discover that the cabin key was left in the car
- when we had to stay indoors for 10 days due to stormy weather
- eternal awful smell of wet, dirty clothes never getting really dry or clean
- discussions wether food or beer should be carried first to the far-away cottage
- who would dress up in a white shirt first day at work, to show off the gorgeous brown tan

  (Easter in the snowy mountains CAN be romantic !)

BUT.....anyway.......the memories that always will come to mind, are wonderful days in a beautiful and totally quiet Easter-mountain with fresh, not-polluted air, silky white snow under a clear, blue sky and a warming Easter-sun. It's nothing like it !