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On this site you will find some of the things I like to do. You will find lots of links - and maybe some good ideas ???

I like to read - what's happening on TV has to be extremely exciting before I put the book away. I have made my own book-site, but it is only in Norwegian.

I like to travel !! Have been to 29 countries. You can see piqtures from our mobile home in the Netherlands on our Netherland-site. But even so my favorite country is


It's a lot of beautiful places here. The food is exciting - not to mention the wine. From our mobile home in Asten it's not more than a two hours drive to the nearest French food-store where we can buy canard, lapin, pāte de campagne, jambon blanche, du brie et du vin. This summer we visited Monets garden in Giverny and the cathedral of Amiens. Both places can be warmely reccomended, but you can already visit them by using the links. In the autumn we were in Metz and Nancy. In the cathedral of Metz there is a huge number of stained glasses from many centuries among them stained glasses made by Chagall. The Stanislas-square in Nancy is also worth a visit. Travelling this way has inspired me to make a special site of cathedrals in Europe. This site is in Norwegian only, but I'm planning to make an english version as well.




I also love whisky. I prefer it with ice- no water ! I bought a bottle of Bowmore in an airport recently - and there was a cd-rom on the top of the box. It was very informative - it took you through the story of whiskey making and gave you a full virtual reality distillery tour. There was also a number of nice piqtures from the Hebridean Island of Islay - just off the West coast of Scotland. This is a place I really have to visit.


As some parts of my body show - I'm a beer-lover. Of the Norwegian brands I prefer Mack, but I'd rather drink German or Dutch beer. I will always remember the day that I walked in the steep hills in the valley of the Mosel and came to a small restaurant where I had an ice-cold Bitburg !!! And the swuuup...from the special cork of the Grolsch-bottle on a warm summer day - there's nothing else you would like to hear. From the Grolsch-homepages you can download a nice screen-saver.
I also love music. I used to listen to classical and opera, but since we moved to Notodden I've become a real blues-fan. Notodden hosts the greatest Blues-festival in Europe and so far I've attended 6 festivals. BB King, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Charlie Musselwhite, Big Jack Johnsen, R.L. Burnside, Hans Theesink og C. J. Chenier are some of the top aritsts I've heard. BB Kings home-page has some music samples that you can download.


I also work in a group that is trying to raise funds for The European Blues Center - building. This center already excists, but we are hoping to get a new building which will contain the public library, the Blues center and all other blues-related activities in Notodden. Then you can come to Notodden and listen to the blues all year around. The scetches for the center is made by the architect Kjell Lund and they were presented during last years blues festival. If we manage to get the proper financial support the house can be opened during the festival in 2002. Here you can see the European Blues Center from the lake Heddal:


Another result of my interest for blues is that I have three times visited Notodden's sister-city Clarksdale which is situated in


Mississippi, USA. This State and Clarksdale itself are very well worth a visit. I can also warmely reccomend Oxford , which probably have the most charming bookstore in the World - and do not miss having Green fried tomatoes for lunch at "Blind Jim".


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