Advent is a latin word originally meaning  "arrival". During time of Advent we prepare for Christmas to come, and are looking forward to the arrival of the Child. Making cookies, buying gifts and cleaning the entire house sort of "belongs to"  our time of Advent.


Advent starts 4 Sundays ahead of Christmas - and is the very beginning of the Church year calendar. Colour of Liturgi is violet.  In the year 2011  1. Sunday of Advent is November and  the 4th. Sunday of Advent is December 18th.


LUCIA CELEBRATION - December 13th.


You'll find more information of Lucia - the history and song on the "Lucia page" (see index)


Easy Advent Calendars  Advent candles Advent Cards
  Extreme outdoor lighting  


The Advent calendar came from Germany to Scandinavia by the 1920's. These days a small piece of chocolate stored in the calendar, one for each date,  has become very popular. A lot of Norwegian mothers also sew a calendar with rings, for attaching a tiny gift for each date. 

During the very last years a lot of calendars (mostly named "Christmas calendar") have become popular on the Internet. 




It is still not too late to make an Advent calendar !


 You can buy red plastic tape and divide a door or a window into 24 squares.

Cut out 24 hearts from red cloth and attach a new heart each day. 





An easy and nice calendar   

An "Advent-orange" with the spice tack is both decorative and gives a nice smell. I suits well to hang in the kitchen or diningroom.

You need 1 large orange, 24 tacks (may be bought at the pharmacy), 1,5 meter of red silk ribbon.

Every morning you remove one tack. (Or if it's children in the house let them do it)




I have bought 6 meters of red silk ribbon and divided it itnto 24 pieces. On to my white lace curtains I attach a little red bow each day in December. On Christmas Eve I have decorated kitchen curtains with 24 small bows. It's also possible to attach the bows with tiny pins.(or small safetypins) 

This may be a nice and easy alternative to using special Christmas curtains.

The kids find it interesting to count bows every day - and it's a nice way for the small ones to learn counting..........




Electric Advent stars - and candles placed in windows have been common in Norway for the last 40 years. Recently more and more people  (both privat and commercial)  take on the tradition from abroad to have out-door lights during the Norwegian dark winter-time. Specially in the north of Norway - with no outdoor light at all in December - this is growing very popular.

The Advent Wreath - /candlestick came to Norway from Germany - just like the Christmas tree.  Candles and bonnets of violet colour reflects the Advent colour of the Church. The tradition of lighting one candle on the first Sunday of Advent, two on the second aso. is approx. 100 years old.



Extreme outdoor lighting


Outdoor electric decorations can be both "this and that". I like chains of small electric bulbs outside when it's snow and darkness. But some people overdo it - and sometimes it really scares you off.


I have a son who is attending university in Surrey, England. A dark December morning a picture was ticking in on my mobile telephone. My son was horrified passing by a decorated house on his way to university ...........




Below you will find the link to an American web-page, which may give you some entertainment on a dark December evening. 

Those who publish this site have traveled about in the US, taking pictures of houses and gardens - mildly spoken - decorated in an extreme way. Little by little people have also mailed them a lot of pictures of this phenomenon.


I just attach one picture here - cllick on the link below - and have yourself a merry moment!


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