Things to do for everyone in the Time before Christmas


Have a really nice - 

and active pre-Christmas time together :)



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It's best to collect left-overs from stearin candles throughout the year. Of course it's alson possible to use new candles, but it's nice to be able to use something that otherwise would be just waiste.

It's easy to use one colour at the time, but you may also invent new colours by mixing different candles.

Boil some water in a pot and turn down the heath to lowest possible.Put candles (one colour at the time) in to a cleaned can and place it in the pot. Beware the box to be so heavy that it stands firm on the pot bottom and don't float. Wait for all the stearin to melt. Take out the wicks and put them to dry on a paper towel. When dry and stiffened cut them into pieces  1 - 1.5 inch.

Fill metal cookie-forms with melted stearin and put them in a cold place to stiffen. When half stiffend use a thick needle or a toothpick to stick a tiny hole. Put a wick in the hole an leave until next day. 

Then dip each form in hot water for a second, give a hard knock on the bottom to get the candle out.

Pour water into a glasbowl and place the candles carefully to float.


FANTASY OF JELLY TOPS                      

Christmas wreaths are decorative on the wall. If you make one of Jelly-tops, they will be very populare. But beware that it's a danger of beeing consumed bit by bit during Christmas!

You need;   1 cotton wadding ring (from a Do-it-yourself shop )

A lot of jelly-tops in different colours - and a bunch of  toothpicks.         A third of a toothpick is fitted into the flat bottom of the jelly-top and the other end sticked into the wreath. Place the jelly-top as tight as possible. The wreath may be hanged on a tack on the wall, or you can make an attachment using a silk ribbon.


In the same way you can make a Christmas tree. The Do-it-yourself shops have cotton wadding models in a lot of different shapes and sizes.

 Then it's best if you are able to buy some bags containing just green ones. When put in place it's a nice touch to sprinkle the tree with some icing sugar - as snow.

I usually place my Jelly Christmas tree in front of my Ginger Bread Christmas house. For the kids .........(and some daddys) it's utmost popular to "slaughter" the tree along with the Ginger Bread house.

But for the last years the tre has remarkably "wanished" during the first days of Christmas ........... 



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