An American team of scientists have used physical as basis, and have presented their results based on the following hypothesis; 

- There exist a Santa who is visiting all-goodnatured children.

- Santa uses flying reindeer and a sledge on delivering Chistmas gifts.


Lets start with the hypothesis of flying reindeer.


No known reindeer-race is able to fly.

However, there excist approx. 300.000 species yet not scientifically known or classified.

Even if most of these are insects and inferior species, it's still a possibility that airborn reindeer excist and that Santa is the one and only knowing this race.






We can establish that there are 2 billion children under the age of 18 in the World.


There are about 2 billion children in the world, but since Santa Claus does not visit Muslims, Hindus, Jews and Buddhists, he has to attend to 'only' about 378 million of them. Assuming that an average family has 2,5 children, we estimate that Santa has to make about 152 million home visits on Christmas (According to figures from "Population Reference Bureau".)


Based on an average of 4,11 children per hosehold Santa has to visit 91,8 million homes. This is based on at least one "kind" child in each home.



Due to time zones and earthrotation

We suppose that Santa plans his route strategically and travels westbound in order to extend the 24-hour period. He will then be able to work at a maximum of 31 hours on Christmas Eve.


To attend the 91,8 mill. homes, Santa has to visit 822,6 homes per second.
In 1/000 of a second Santa needs time to park his sleigh properly, climb down the chimney, brush off soot from the chimney,distribute Christmas gifts via stockings or Christmas trees or from his bag, shove the rice pudding down his throat and then leave the building, brush off soot from the chimney again, climb into the sledge and drive to the next home.


Supposing all 91,8 mill homes are placed in the same distance from each other, which is obviously wrong, but all the same may be accepted for further calculations, this gives an average distance of 1,3 kilometers between each stop.

The travelling route will the be a total of 21,5 mill. km.


The consequence is that Santa has to travel 1088 km. per second - more than 3000 times faster than sound. 

For comparison it may be mentioned that the fastes vessel constructed by Mankind so far, the space probe Ulysses, has a maximum speed of 43,5 kilometer per second. 

An ordinary raindeer may at a maximum acomplish 24 kilometer per hour. 



The sleigh's cargo.

If we hypothesise that each child receives a Christmas gift that weighs 1 kilo, the entire heap of gifts must weigh 380 000 tonnes. Add to this that Santa himself is not a small guy. An ordinary reindeer can pull up to 200 kilos.  

If we assume that an flying reindeer may pull 10 times more in the air, 214200 reindeer would be needed. This increases the total weight of the equipage to 176715 tonnes, in addition to Santa and the sleigh. (This is four times the weight of the ship Queen Elisabeth.


176.715 tonnes on a speed of 1088 kilometers per second generates enormously air resistance

This air resistance will heath up the reindeer in the same way as a spaceskip flying into the atmosphere of Earth. The first two reindeer will be exposed of an energy
equivalent to 14,3 Quintillion joule p.r. second - each! 

In short, the two first reindeer will burst in flames immediately. When the first two are gone the next two will be exposed to the same amount of energy and a chain reaction will arise. The result of this is that all the reindeer will evaporate in  4,26 thousandth of a second. 


Santa will due to this event, be exposed to centrifugal forces  17500,6 times the force of gravity.  

If Santa's wight is 125 kiloes, (he probably weighs more) he will be pressed bacbackwards in the sledge with a power of  2 167 007 kiloes.


Conclusion  is simple:
If santa even manage to deliver any gifts, he'll probably be dead now. 


Of course it's possible that Santa have control of a technology or is master of dimensions that up to now is not know to anyone else. The red nose of Rudolf the Reindeer, which may be an advanced form of heat shield, points to this beeing the issue.

So this make it possible still to believe of the existence of Santa Claus! 


And the above mentioned is of course NOT true. The scientists have completely forgotten the fact that Santa is able to be in many, many places at the same time! So the calculations are all wrong!

Make a tour to several shops and shopping centres the weeks before Christmas - and see for yourself - he's everywhere at the same time!

SO - next time a child asks if Santa exist - JUST ANSWER  YES!


That's probably the way it is - because he's bringing all the gifts every year!

Santa Claus is of course still existing!!!