Begonia x cheimantha Euphorbia pulcherrima
Rhododendron simsii Zygocactus    (Christmas Cactus)


Begonia x cheimantha

Even if it lately has been outconquered by the pulcherrima,( which is better assimilated to our well-heated homes,)  the Begonia x cheimantha still is "The ultimate Christmas flower in many Norwegian homes. It demands a lot of light, but not direct sunshine. It has to be watered regularely, and prefere a rather cold room temperature.

If you want to increase the amount of - an the time of flowering you can place it under strng light in the evening. This way you'll lengthen the hours of "daytime".

After flowering the plant needs to be firmly cut and put to rest for quite a  while.

I'm nor sure what's been happening - but my 1999-Christmas flowers have been blooming for the last 10 months  - and still are !

Euphorbia pulcherrima

In Norway this flower is  named "The Chistmas Star". It demands light, but not sunshine. This one enjoys a well tempered room - and also water should hold room-temperature. Be careful not to "drown" it in water ; better to less than to much !

If you get several of this plant for Christmas - place everyone together in one place - it gives a marvellous effect. To-day you can get the plant in all colours from dark red - to peach and white.

It's difficult to make it re-flower later. But if you put it into the garden during summer time, and let it have not more than 10 hrs. of daylight in autumn, it's possible.

Anyway, you'll have a nice, green plant for many years - and it can grow quit huge if treated well.

Rhododendron simsii

The Azalea is available in all shades of red, pink, lilac - and even white. Don't let it have direct sunshine - it enjoys shadow. It's a must always to keep it humid, and is one of a few that really can't be "drowned". During the blooming period - place it in a bucket of water for 10-15 minutes, at least once a week.

It's quite easy to get flowers several times. Put it in a quite cool place. Until the midst of April remove all new buds. In the end of May it can be placed outside in the garden - in shadow ! Be careful not no bring it directly into a heated room in the autumn - then it can loose all the new flower buds. So keep it in a cool place until the flowering has started. It wuld still have to be placed in the coolest corner of the room. 

Zygocactus    (Christmas Cactus)

It's a huge amount of different cactus - be sure to get one that really flowers at Christmas time ; not at easter time etc.

The colour is red , cyclamen, red-violet - og white. It's best off in the shadow in a medium heated room. From the end of september it should be "forgotten" until the buds are there. After flowering it should have less water that when blooming - but not dried out completely.

It's nice to place it in the garden during summer - but be aware - it's easily attaced by snailes. Indoors it would like humid air and also to be showered regularely. 

If treated well the catus can reach a formidable age and size. 

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