It's nice to decorate a bit both in- and outdoors -

infact, there's only the imagination that create borders ....

   I'm working on this page, so it's more to come .......


A decoration at the front door give guests a sense of welcome greeting.......

Nothing is nicer than taking a walk on the countryside looking for materials for decorations.

Bring a bag or basket and pair of scissors - and bring some of the nature home.


Cones, thin leafless branches and half-frozen flowers with cool shapes, may be sprinkled with white, silver or gold

and be elegant in a decoration.


Branches of Holly and red berries may be bought at a garden senter. Red appels - or a fairly large bow - 

is really "doing the thing".


And why store the huge flowerpots from

summertime - use some of them for some really

nice Christmas decorations.