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Chocolate Pizza !!!

It's all stroke of genius and quite simple. You make it the same way as Chocolate puffed Rice balls, but instead of making small balls you place it all on a grease-proof paper and make one cirkle, approx. 2-3 cm. high. Then you decorate it with  jelly goodies, Smarties or likewise.  Put in a cold place until completely stiffend. And then - the Pizza is ready.

For a Chocolate pizza measuring approx. diameter 10 inch.  

You will need ;

1 ege and  1/3 lb icing sugar  -  whiped together.

2 tbs. cocoa, teaspoon vanillasugar and 2 tbs. black coffee  are all stirred in to the mixture.

Slowly melt  1/3 lb. coconut butter and blend with the mixture.

At last mix with 3-4 coffecups of puffed rice.


If you need a larger "Pizza", you may use  

2 eggs og 0,6 lb  icing sugar, 

3 tbs. cocoa, 2 teasp. vanillasugar og 3tbs. black coffee , 

0,6 lb. coconut butter

and enough puffed rice for the mixture to stay firm. 



Burnt almonds

Rinse in cold water 0,45 lb. almonds and dry them thoroughly. Put in a thick-bottom pan the almonds, 0,30 lb. of icing sugar, 2 tbs. water and let it boil on medium heath. Stir frequently  all water have evaporated and the sugar dry and greyish. 

Increase  heath and stir all the time until the sugar starts melting and are attached to the almonds, like a clear, light brown lining.   

Pour out on a oiled baking shelf and use two forks to devide them. 

HINT :    DO NOT USE YOUR FINGERS!  The almonds are really "burning" !

When quite cold it's nice to put them in a decorated jar or bowl.



Jelly "bacon"

2,1 lb castor sugar to boil in 1,8 pint of water.  Dissolve 36 sheets of  gelatine in 0,5 ounce of water. and cook for 10 minutes. Pour the gelatine into the sugared water.  

Divide the contents into 6 bowls (quite wide bowls - and not plastic ones).  

Insert a couple of droplets of pineapple essence into 3 of the bowls and likewise lemon essence to the other three. 

Then add confectioner colour to the bowls; 2 green, 2 red and 2 yellow. Put the bowls for rest in a cold place overnight until it's quite stiffened.

Put a  bowl in hot water for a few seconds to make the jelly slide out on a sugared paper. Sprinkle sugar on top. Then take a bowl with jelly of another colour and place it on top of the first one. Sprinkle again. Then take a bowl from the third colour and put on top of the others. Sprinkle to almost cover the surface.

Repeat the same procedure for the other three bowls. You'll now have two three-coloured "cakes.  Divide the cake into two. Use a sharp knife (and continuous heat the blade in hot water) and cut the halves of the "cake" into thin slices. Roll each part in a bowl of sugar.

HINT: If you have problems making the different colours together, you may as well make a lot of pieces in each colour. They will, when put on the table,  surely "wanish" anyway




Sissel Mette's punch-confectionary

0,45 lb butter
0,55 lb
icing sugar             To be whipped together till white consistency 

0,9 lb plain biscuit 
0,55 lb almonds                 To be grinded
8 tbs. cocoa, 3-4 eggs

1 small bottle of Rum essence 

Mix all the ingredients and taste with Rum essence. Let the paste rest for half an hour in the fridge.

Form small balls and roll thoroughly in multy-coloured cake finery.

To be served cold!    Deeeeeeeeeeeelicious!!!