Religious symbols in Christmas 


It's a tradition in The Church to make different Christmas decoration symbolise different parts of the Christmas Gospel - not at least the decorations on the Christmas tree.  


The tree itself is a symbol of the evergreen, and the shape of the tree reminds of the Trinity.

The Glitter  shall, according to tradition, hang from the top and vertical down - it is a symbol of the star-beams, which is God's gift to the poor.  

Paper Chains  refer to brotherhood.



The lights  is "Jesus, the light of the Earth" 


The story tells that Martin Luther was the first one to put candlelights on his Christmas tree indoors.


The Star  symbolises the star over Bethlehem.  (Math 2,9).

To place a star on top of the tree started in 1910-20.  



The Angels were the first to announce the Christmas message to the shepherds. Earlier a large Anngel was placed un the top of the tree.Afterwords Angels should anyway be placed near to the star, and the tree should have lots of Angels.   

The Angel of Christmas was the German protestants alternative to St. Niclas. 


Bells are supposed to remind us of the churchbells which calls upon us for servcie. The bells chime for Christmas so that we may attend the celebraition of the birth of Christ.

In old Age one blieved that Church bells had the power to drive away evil spirits.



The Balls should be a symbol of Earth and God's love for the Earth.

  (Psalm 24,1).


Different colours should make us bear in mind that the Gospel is given to all men on Earth.


Figures mad of straw represent the straw in the cradle.


Hearts represent the Love of God


The paper baskets is an immage of the many gifts from God



Birds  are symbols of the Wholy Trinity.  


The wreath is a symbol of eternity, and shall remind us that we by the death of Christ, and his resurrection gained eternal life. The wreath was originally made of holly. Today all kinds of evergreen plants are used - and even plastic.

The red ribbons express joy and celebraition of the birth of Jesus.  


Holly is an evergreen plant. It symbols eternal life, but the sharp, stiching leaf shal also remind of the wreath of thorns. 

The red berries is a symbol of the blooddrops of Christ. 

All back to the time of the Druids it was a belief that holly broght good luck and happiness to man.


The Christmas crib    is every Christmas placed in homes, churches and also in natural size, outdoors.  

It was  Franz from Azzisi who was the first to build a manger  outside his church in Italy, in the year 1224.



Christmas colours of the Church    (liturgy colours The liturgy colours were decided in 1570.

 Purple is the Church colour for lent and advent.

 Red - the blood of Christ given on the cross, for our sins. (Joh.19:34) It also symbolizes fire, blod and all the gifts of the Lord.      

 Green Eternal life in Jesus. (John.3:16-17). It's also the colour for youth and hope.

 Silver is for salvation in Christ. (Math. 27:3-9)

White -  The purity and innocense of Christ (2.Kor.5:21)  It also stans for light and joy and is the colour of the Angels.     

Gold - is sunlight and starbeams and the Behlehem Star. Jesus is often give an account of brightness. (Rev.3:18)

White and gold are the festival colours of the Church.


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