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I try to maintain this page regulary, so please do "drop in" now and then !

I have also produced "Grandma's Christmaspage" , "Easter pages" , "Web Cards" and Photos from our 4 years stay in the utmost north of Norway, Finnmark.

PC and the Netherlands / France are "in" these days. Earlier on I used far too much of my time performing as a Real Estate Agent and as a Politician. Earlier on I also played handball, painted on china and went fihsing and hunting.



A huge garden is quite a challange in Norway, and I spend quite a few hours working there. After a long, cold, dark and snowy wintertime,  spring flowering is quite a view - not to mention the hundreds of crocus and tulips. During the summer the roses are a great pleasure but also cause a bit worring - it's really not an easy climat here.

We steadily increase our time resting in the shadow on the veranda to the smell of Forsythia and Lilac. Likewise we enjoy resting in our garden in the Netherlands



The Nederlands has a very special place in our hearts. After beeing travelling around parts of the world, we found "our" spot. What we want to tell You about the Netherlands is so much, that we decided to do it in a separate site. It concerns both a bit about our place, as well as something about our travels to Belgium, France and Germany.


In my work I am , ao., responsible for Heddal Stavechurch - "The Cathedral of Stavechurches " ! All 28 stavechurches remaining in the World are situated in Norway, buildt of wood only and are dated to medieval time.

One of the most facinating parts on working with the Stavechurches is the fact that You'll never get through learning new things. It's a lot more questions than answers - and the Heddal Stavechurch still hides a lot of her secrets. ! (I really think Hans Kr. should have included Heddal Stavechurch in his Cathedral site.)

If You ever have the opportunity - vistit a Stave church - it's the most important culture inheritage of Norway.

I have also produced the official "Heddal stavechurch's homepage - in different languages

In time I'll make a special "Stave church page" on the web.



RØDVEN     VÅGÅ (ikke stavkonstruksjon)


GRIP Foto ; A.Haga Hovdejord



The Notodden Blues Festival 4 days (and nights) in August is much similar to an adventure - music and happy people everywhere - the hole town opens up for approx. 12.000 visitors - every free inch of lawn is occupied by blues-campers - the church serves Fishsoup at night - and nobody has ever beeing willing to tell how many litres of cold beer are sold during those four days. Myself, I've been fortunate to experience the most of the best - and have also visited Notodden's blues- sister city ; Clarksdale, Mississippi

It's both ups and downs beeing married to a gourmèt ; it gives you a huge amount of gordious food - and a gordious amount of cleaning up afterwards ! But it's worth the mess and dishes ! In addition, a lot of travelling has given us taste - and ideas for - a lot of exotic and spicy food.

Nowdays some of the favourites are ; oysters - cooked in whitewine, Raclette from Austria, Moroccan Tagine, Tandori Chicken, Chinese ribs - and Dad's supersteak with a sour mushroom sauce. We have also started out on a project to build a small winecellar of our own. In fact, I've been teaching about wines in night-time classes. It's a theme with which You'll never complete. A good Norwegian food- and wine -link ; Aperitif


We love to travel ! It has resulted in 14 tours to Morocco, several visits to ao. Cyprus, London, Paris, Rome, Cairo, Singapore, Malaysia, Memphis/USA og and a lot of car travelling in Europe. But we have also visited every Norwegian county and city, the most of Scandinavia, and the North of Russia. In addition we love to take long walking tours in the Norwegian mountains.

The lack of time and money is really what stops us from travelling most of the time -            and on top of our "wishing list" are ; Argentina, a cruise on the Nile, travels to India and China / Hong Kong. 

For the time beeing we explore France, so pop in on Hans Kr.' s Cathedral page.

Having my roots in Telemark, I've always been specially fond of our .National suits from this aera.

I made my own suit, by hand, in 1974, and then 5 more in addition. Then my oldest daughter, Janicke, got hers and when we moved to Notodden I made one for Hans Kr. That's the one I'm most proud of - it's really something and belongs to the aera in which we live ! My despair these days concerns the fact that my other daughter, Nina, should have her suit put together (I've finished the broderies) - but OH - it's so much more fun to work on the PC.

If You want to know more of the Telemark National suits I recommend the webpages of Almankaas in Bø.



I became a  Grandmother on Febr. 19th. -99 and again on Jan. 20th. 2001

 I don't think I'm the "Granny-type" - to totally loose my mind about it, but it will of course be nice to watch little Marius and Simen during the years to come. They live with their mum and dad near Oslo - and if it isn't any police speed-control,  Granny "flyes" in for a visit in her car in no-time !

My husband thinks every Grandmother should wear a long, black, silky dress and have white hair. I think I'm going to prove that todays "Granny" is much more comfortable with the PC than the vacumcleaner !


   So, beeing a modern Granny I've already made little Marius' homepage   and Simen's page






Simen, Marius and their parents are already mentioned, so I have to tell You a little of my other daugter as well.. Nina is a great girl - very persistant - and the only person able to teach Alex to ride a bike - (cleverly by telling ; "No bike training = no food". It worked perfectly !

Nina is one of those peculiar persons who loves rain, snow and frosty weather. After 3 years of studying Russian language, she threw herself into university studies of social anthropoligy and finished last year by living for 7 mths. in Arkhangelsk in the north of Russia.

Ninas boyfriend, Jens Herman, is also a great guy. He's a guitar player in a sucessful band called "Reverend Lovejoy" . They have just released the second, very pleasant CD. In addition (or really mainly) he's  a lawyer 



For the time beeing I'm mostly occupied with learning more about computers and how to use them - and a certificate is the aim for my studies. (I'm nearly there now .........)

However, I can't present my site without mentioning that I've got some very nice friends through the Web.         During our Holidays in Holland we have visited Bert and Doris several times - they're really great !                     Herdis, a Norwegian girl, lives with her husband and gordious little daughter, Linda Marie in Holland. As we're often there I'm a "self-appointed" granny to Linda Marie.

And after  years of maling, exchange of photoes and Christmas gifts - our aim is once to spend Christmas  in Argentina, with Patricia and her family !

 Thanks for visiting !

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Regards, Mette

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